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Comfort in the Snows, Specialized Ski Wear Cleaning, and the Key to Effortless Skiing

When it’s freezing outside, you can choose not to wash yourself because anyone can hardly tell the difference. But don’t apply the same principle to your ski wear.

Whether it’s a jacket, salopette, or a suit, ski wear cleaning done by specialists is essential to keep the comfort and effortless movement you adore.

Ski Wear Dry Cleaning

If you have your own ski wear, have it cleaned before and after use. If it’s rented or borrowed, then you should absolutely have it cleaned before and (maybe) after use.

Ski Wear Comfort and Effortless Movement

Most ski wears can prevent liquid from passing through, but it doesn’t keep water vapour—your sweat or the humid in your closet—from getting in and out.

Vapour carries dirt that clogs your ski wear’s tiny pores, which can ruin its waterproofing, stretchability, and breathability. That’s why common neighborhood dry cleaners have trouble washing ski wears.

Our experts have found a flexible approach and balance of solutions that successfully cleans your ski wear from the inside out. So it lasts longer for you to enjoy every season.

How Our Experts Do It in Five Wise Steps

  1. Check – check the material and the label for any special cleaning instructions and then prepare the ski wear for washing.
  2. Stain Removal – remove any stains or soils present and empty the pockets of any items to prevent further staining.
  3. Balance – find the right balance of dry cleaning solvents and water temperature according to your ski wear’s material.
  4. Wash – dry clean and wash efficiently without harming your ski wear, and then, if needed, re-wash again to add water repelling solutions.
  5. Dry – air dry the ski wear on a reliable heat source.

Turnaround Time

Your ski wear is an item that requires the time and effort of specialists to wash, that’s why it could take up to 1 week to clean depending on its material and condition.

Special Offer

At KSM, you’ll always get rewarded for being a loyal customer. If you avail our ski wear cleaning the first time, you’ll get 5% off on your next ski wear dry cleaning.

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We Made It Affordable and Convenient

Our ski wear cleaning prices will give you the value dry cleaning that you deserve.

Drop off your ski wear at one of our Agents scattered all over South Yorkshire.

To have it picked up and dropped off, order online or call us on 01302 832807 for any information or advice.

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