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The Pleasure of Sleeping in a Freshly Cleaned Duvet

Whoever coined the phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” surely didn’t have a freshly dry cleaned duvet.

I mean seriously, why deprive yourself of fully snuggling that duvet?

Dog and Child Sleeping on a Clean Duvet

Cleaned Beyond Perfection

We sterilize your duvet so it won’t be a Petri dish for dust mites, bacteria and fungi. That’s why we recommend you have it skillfully cleaned four times a year. If not for hygiene or health reasons, at least do it for the relentless snuggle.

A Snuggly Convenience

You can find an Agent within Doncaster or Rotherham and drop off your duvet. If you’re too busy, or you don’t want to get out of bed, you can use our Pick Up & Drop Off convenience by calling us on 01302 832 807 or simply order online.

If you want to check our duvet cleaning prices, click here.

Duvet Cleaning Turnaround

Though delivery time may vary due to your duvet’s condition, we’ve been able to deliver our customer’s freshly cleaned duvet within 48 hours to a week. Because like art, duvet dry cleaning can’t be rushed (and trust us, you won’t want to).


Special Offer

As our way of valuing you and your sleep, you’ll get 5% off on your order if you have two duvets cleaned.

If you can’t get enough of our special offers, join us and be a part of the KSM Elite Membership Club to have access to our best promos and discounts. Hurry though, we can only allow limited slots to be filled because of the privileges we offer.

The 3 Things We Accomplish

Our Duvet Cleaning experts aim to do three things to your duvet:

  1. Thoroughly sterilize it and remove any stains however butchery they may appear.
  2. Preserve the seductively cozy experience its material gives you.
  3. Make it smell vividly fresh so that you can snuggle it all sleep long.

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