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A Win-Win Exclusive Dry Cleaning for South Yorkshire’s Athletic and Sport Teams

Peak performance always requires optimum health.

Dry Cleaning for Sports Teams

But your athletes can’t really be at their best health if their uniforms are swarmed with microorganisms. Heck, even their performance will be affected just by how their clothes feel and smell.

So have South Yorkshire’s dry cleaner of choice since 1974 do a better job at cleaning their garments.

We’ve Been Grinding Since 1974

Like every sport, progress is not only necessary, it’s inevitable.

We apply the same principle of always improving our dry cleaning services since we’ve open for business. That’s 43 years of innovating dry cleaning methods passed down from each generation.

Our recent development allowed us to effectively sterilize garments without harming their material. We use a combination of antimicrobial solvents and methods.

It’s a fine way for you to keep your team away from infection.

How it Works

  • Gather – Gather all items for dry cleaning for us to pick up
  • Inspect – We inspect every team uniform
  • Prepare – We separate and prepare each item for dry cleaning
  • Clean – We’ll first remove any stains then wash, dry clean, and hand finish
  • Re-Inspect – With a keen eye, we inspect your items again before packaging
  • Package – We deliver everything on time along with fresh smiles
  • Fulfill – Give fabrics and garments that are clean, smells fresh and are neatly folded

A Win-Win Contract Deal

KSM Dry Cleaners provide dry cleaning value that’s sough after within South Yorkshire. And to prove our confidence in our dry cleaning services, we provide open contracts to all our exclusive clients. This means you can terminate our agreement anytime you want. It’s our way of ensuring you that you won’t receive subpar dry cleaning—ever.



Let’s Talk Business

We tailor our contract dry cleaning services and prices exclusively to your team’s demands.

To discuss terms, kindly call us at 01302 832 807, email us through our Contact page, or visit us at 24, Mill St., Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3DL.

Our Health Advocacy for South Yorkshire

KSM Dry Cleaners is an avid advocate of disease prevention. We help your team and South Yorkshire fight infection by including special antimicrobial solvents and sterilizing methods in our dry cleaning.

Don’t worry though, our sterilizing agents are only strong enough to kill all germs but not too strong to damage any of your materials. We also follow the guidelines set by the HSE, CDC, and EPA so we can give you and South Yorkshire a safer and eco-friendly dry cleaning.

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