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Exclusive Dry Cleaning in Harmony with Your Restaurant

None of your customers want to see table cloth stains from last night’s service. That might cost you customers.

And none of your employees, specially your chefs, want to smell marinated sweat on their whites and uniforms. That might cost you employees.

Restaurant Dry Cleaning

That’s why you need dry cleaning experts to do the job. Or if you already have one, and still have those problems, then you definitely—absolutely—need real dry cleaning experts.

Why the Proof is in the Pudding: KSM’s Credibility and Quality Service

When hiring someone to take care of your restaurant’s dry cleaning needs, you want them to be in harmony with your establishment.

And being a family-run business in South Yorkshire since 1974, we’ve develop our methods to quickly grasp a restaurant’s dry cleaning demands. We stay organized, give you exclusive services, and stay at par (or better) with your standards.

We are always on time with our deliveries and will always keep you updated through text or phone call.

How it Works

  • Gather – Gather all items for dry cleaning for us to pick up
  • Inspect – We inspect every uniform, table cloth, and apron
  • Prepare – We separate and prepare each item for dry cleaning
  • Clean – We’ll first remove any stains then wash, dry clean, and hand finish
  • Re-Inspect – With a keen eye, we inspect your items again before packaging
  • Package – We deliver everything on time along with fresh smiles
  • Fulfill – Give fabrics and garments that are clean, smells fresh and are neatly folded


Let’s Talk Business

We tailor our contract dry cleaning services and prices exclusively to your restaurant’s demands.

To discuss terms, kindly call us at 01302 832 807, email us through our Contact page. You can also visit us at at 24, Mill St., Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3DL to have a sit down.

Health Safety: A Food For Thought

KSM’s dry cleaning practices are safe and won’t put anyone’s health at risk. We always provide extra precautions with restaurant fabrics. Being around food and people who eat your restaurant’s food, we assure that our dry cleaning process for your items are harmless and sanitary.

Affordable for the Value we Provide

The more dry cleaning you send our way, the sweeter our contract deal becomes. You’ll get value beyond what you pay us.

Although, we’ll never cheapen our prices to the point of costing you quality like other dry cleaners.

It’s like in your line of business. Because if someone offered you a cote de boeuf stake for only £10.00, would you believe that it’s still the same quality steak? We sure wouldn’t.

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