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Exclusive Dry Cleaning for Offices Keeping a Clean, Focused, and Fresh Impression

An office isn’t only a working space, it’s also a place expressing how you do business.

Do you want your office to leave an impression of someone who’s focused and crisp? Or do you want it to look like an unkempt and dirty studio space?

If you chose the latter, then there’s a tiny little habit you have to maintain: you have to always keep your office clean. That includes dry cleaning your rug, carpet, curtain, and you (we mean your suit).

Office Rug and Carpet that Feels like Home

Rug Cleaning

Most offices leave their rug and carpet unkempt for months, even years. No wonder nobody wants to take off their shoes in the office.

Have our experts keenly inspect your rug and carpet to have it sterilized, removed of stain, and dry cleaned to perfection that it almost feels like the clean and cozy carpet at your home.

And if you can’t send your carpet away, you can just rent our Karcher carpet cleaning machine. It has a carefully balanced power enough to suck the dirt out of your carpet, but not too much to ruin it. It’s one of the best and easy-to-use carpet cleaners to date.

Sterilize Your Curtains or Apply Fire Retardants for a Safer Office

A room filled with dusty and dirty curtains will surely send the wrong message to anyone who visits your office—especially to people with allergies. Have your curtains dry cleaned to not only look clean and smell fresh, but to also create a comfortable ambiance for people with dust allergies.

And for a safer office, have your curtains applied with our fire retardants. Because you never really know how or when a fire might start.

Carry the Right Impression with Our Businesswear Dry Cleaning

Formal Business Cleaning

With our 43 years of dry cleaning expertise, everyone in your office will always get a clean, crisp, and comfortable suit that smells fresh. Help your executives carry the right impression with our precision dry cleaning that our valued clients—businessmen, executives, and entrepreneurs—favorably prefer.

How it Works

  • Gather – Gather all items for dry cleaning for us to pick up
  • Inspect – We inspect every carpet, curtain, rug and suit
  • Prepare – We separate and prepare each item for dry cleaning
  • Clean – We’ll first remove any stains then wash, dry clean, and hand finish
  • Re-Inspect – With a keen eye, we inspect your items again before packaging
  • Package – We deliver everything on time along with fresh smiles
  • Fulfill – Give fabrics and garments that are clean, smells fresh and are neatly folded

We Trade Value

Actually, we trade beyond the value you give us. Because we give affordable prices to our customers, especially to commercial clients, without cheapening our quality service.

And our confidence in our services extends to our agreement, because we’ll provide you with an open contract. This allows you to end our contract anytime you deem necessary.



Let’s Talk Business

We tailor our contract dry cleaning services and prices exclusively to your office’s demands.

To discuss terms, kindly call us at 01302 832 807, email us through our Contact page, or visit us at 24, Mill St., Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3DL.

Let’s Make It More of an Office, Not a Hospital Room

Many people don’t know this, but office curtains, rugs, and carpets are home to bacteria and dust mites. And offices often leave their curtains, rugs, and carpets unkempt for months, if not years.

KSM has an advocacy to help South Yorkshire fight against infection by using antimicrobials and sterilizing methods together with our dry cleaning. And we do this efficiently so we’ll never damage your materials. We also further our cause by following strict dry cleaning guidelines set by the HSE, CDC, and EPA.

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