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Exclusive Dry Cleaning that Satisfied Hotel Guests

What’s the worst nightmare for a hotel?

A recent guest uploading a social media video telling people how repulsive the sheets are while capturing footage of a crawling bed bug.

Hotel Inspection

We’re not even being dramatic, search online, there’s a ton of them. And it cost hotels their future guests (read the comments).

This will never happen with experts who tailor their dry cleaning services according to your hotel’s needs. And that’s what KSM aims for, and it’s what we’ve successfully delivered.

Why KSM is the Perfect Dry Cleaning Partner for Your Hotel

KSM has been a sought after dry cleaner in South Yorkshire for 43 years. Our methods are always developed and tailored, especially to hotel demands.

We have satisfied not only hotel guests, but various clients with our dry cleaning services. Even designers from Italy recommend us. With us, you’ll get efficient, exclusive, and excellent services.

We also understand that hotels are always busy, that’s why we deliver on time and will always keep you updated through text or phone call.

How it Works

  • Gather – Gather all items for dry cleaning for us to pick up
  • Inspect – We inspect every uniform, bed sheet, duvet, etc., especially for contamination
  • Prepare – We separate and prepare each item for dry cleaning
  • Clean – We’ll first remove any stains then wash, sanitize, dry clean, and hand finish
  • Re-Inspect – With a keen eye, we inspect your items again before packaging
  • Package – We deliver everything on time along with fresh smiles
  • Fulfill – Give fabrics and garments that are clean, smells fresh and are neatly folded


Thoroughly Inspected and Health Safety

Our dry cleaning practices are safe and follow national dry cleaning standards to the letter.

We thoroughly inspect every bed sheet, linen, duvet, and even employee uniforms to prevent any infestation. We also sterilize items that are prone to bacteria, fungi, allergens, and dust mites, but we do it without harming the fabric’s material.

Let’s Talk Business

We tailor our contract dry cleaning services and prices exclusively to your hotel’s demands.

To discuss terms, kindly call us at 01302 832 807 or email us through our Contact page. You can also visit us at at 24, Mill St., Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3DL to have a sit down.

We Provide Value Beyond What You Pay Us

You can’t afford to go cheap on your dry cleaning when it comes to the hospitality business. It will cost you future guests, which will hurt your revenue in the long run.

But don’t worry, because with KSM, the more dry cleaning you send our way, the better our contract deal becomes.

You’ll get value beyond what you pay us, while your guests get the comfortable hotel experience they expected.

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