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Fulfilling Dry Cleaning & Laundry Needs Every Single Day!

Everyday life is hard enough. Everyday laundry makes it harder (Ugh!).

So let us take a load off your shoulders.

Searching for General Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Our General Dry Cleaning & Laundry provides the right balance of affordability, convenience, and respectable quality service.

Your everyday clothing is a noticeable part of who you are and what you do. It can also be a part of your joy and home-like comfort.

That’s why we wants to keep them clean, crisp, and cozy to wear through what we offer.

What We Do in Seven Steps

  1. Gather – Have your clothes picked up or drop them off at our store
  2. Inspect – We inspect every detail of your clothes
  3. Prepare – We consider the material and prepare your clothes for treatment
  4. Clean – We’ll first remove any stains then wash, dry clean, and hand finish
  5. Re-Inspect – With a keen eye, we inspect your clothes again before heat pressing and packaging
  6. Package – We deliver or you can pick up your clothes accompanied by unblemished smiles
  7. Fulfill – Give you clothes looking clean, smelling fresh and neatly packaged.

For your peace of mind, we send text updates to let you know when your clothes are being cleaned and are ready for pick up. If you avail our Pick Up & Drop Off service, we’ll also update you on pick up and delivery.


Special Offer

Here’s more weight off your shoulders. Get 10% off your next order when you spend up to £100 on a single drop off!

If you can’t get enough of our special offers, join us and be a part of the KSM Elite Membership Club to have access to our best promos and discounts. Hurry though, we can only allow limited slots to be filled because of the privileges we offer.

The KSM Convenience and Affordability

Drop off your clothes at one of our Agents or order online and have everything taken care of. You can also call us on 01302 832 807 for any information or to use our Pick Up & Drop Off service.

For our affordable General Dry Cleaning & Laundry prices, click here.

4 to 24-Hour Turnaround

We normally deliver your clothes within the same day. For walk-ins availing our Express service, we deliver within 4 hours for only 25% extra charge—that’s three times faster for only a quarter of the price!

Please keep in mind that garments with stains difficult to remove or need special treatment may exceed our normal turnaround time. In such case, we will contact you, explain why more time is needed, and give you an estimate of when you’ll be able to expect your clothes.

Note: We normally deliver your clothes within the same day. For walk-ins using Express, we can deliver within 4 hours. However, garments with stains difficult to remove may exceed our normal delivery time.


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