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Curtain Dry Cleaning that Brings a Fresher Home Ambiance

You want to be surrounded with freshly dry cleaned curtains that tell a story about your home, not a home your neighbors will gossip stories behind your back because of your curtains.

Curtain Cleaning

Because a room filled with dusty and dirty curtains easily changes the ambiance to a crummy and sour one—especially to people with allergies.

Change the ambiance of any room by having your curtains dry cleaned today. For nothing really sets the tone, theme, and lighting of your home like your curtains.

Carefully Cleaned like It’s a Part of Your Home

The KSM team takes care of your curtains like it’s an extension of your home. Mastering methods to efficiently dry clean every square inch.

Whether it’s recently purchased or a vintage family curtain, our Curtain Cleaning service assures that your household fabric is dealt with meticulous eyes, confident hands, and advanced dry cleaning tools tested by our loyal customers in and out of South Yorkshire.

Affordable and Convenient

Our prices vary for every type, measurement and condition of each curtain with prices starting from £3.95 per square meter. Go here to find out more about our curtain prices.

We can pick up your curtain by calling us at 01302 832 807 or by starting an online order. Our Pick Up & Drop Off convenience.

Special Offer

By having your curtains cleaned at KSM, you’ll be given a special favor of cleaning a pair of medium curtains along with your tiebacks for free.

If you can’t get enough of our special offers, join us and be a part of the KSM Elite Membership Club to have access to our best promos and discounts. Hurry though, we can only allow limited slots to be filled because of the privileges we offer.

Know When It’ll Be Home

Our curtain cleaning takes 4 days to 7 days before you can pick it up or have it dropped off. You’ll receive SMS updates when your curtains are ready for pick up, or if it’s to be delivered back to you.

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