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Decades of Clothing, Dress, and Curtain Alterations by Real Experts

Clothing, Dress & Curtain Alterations

You rarely have time for yourself, and even less time for altering your zippers to work and your clothes to fit.

And surely, you don’t have time for alteration “specialists” reminding you of what they’re not responsible for when damages they’re responsible for suddenly appear.

Our KSM staff on the other hand, has alteration experience ranging from years to decades. And they stay up to date on clothes, dress, and curtain materials and the techniques on mending them.

So have your alterations done by real experts.

Clothing Alterations

From jackets to coats and from skirts to trousers, the KSM staff bring their alteration expertise to your favorite clothes.

For decades, we’ve been successfully mending:

  • Anoraks – fix zips
  • Coats – shorten or lengthen
  • Jackets – shorten or lengthen the jacket, its sleeves, and adding full pockets
  • Skirts – shorten or lengthen, fixing zips or concealed zips
  • Pleated Skirts – shorten only
  • Waist for trousers and jeans – gusset in waist, new clips (waistband), let out waist, reduce waist
  • Jeans – shorten or lengthen, fix zips and concealed zips,remove turns ups, and add half or full pockets
  • Trouser – shorten or lengthen (straight or turn ups), fix zips and concealed zips, taper, remove turns ups, sew creases on front and/or back, and add half or full pockets

To see our clothing alteration prices, click here.

Dress Alterations

Dresses often need alterations, and rightfully so, for it’s the dress that must fit the lady, not the lady trying to fit the dress.

KSM alteration experts can shorten and lengthen dresses or fix their zips through their gentle hands, with every detail carefully considered to maintain each dress’ beauty.

For decades, we’ve been successfully:

  • Fixing dress zips
  • Shortening or lengthening dresses
  • Shortening pleated dresses

To see our dress alteration prices, click here.

Curtain Alterations

A curtain that’s too long or too short is a painful sight to behold on your window pane. So please, have our experts fix it.

For decades, we’ve been successfully:

  • Shortening or lengthening lined curtains
  • Shortening or lengthening unlined curtains

To see our curtain alteration prices, click here.

We Made Alterations Easy

If your alteration needs are simple, you can just avail our Pick Up & Drop Off service by calling us on 01302 832 807 or by ordering online.

For complicated alterations or alterations needing the guidance of your body’s figure, it’s recommended that you visit a nearby Agent so our experts can personally talk to you and recommend an approach you’ll be happy with.

To keep you updated, you’ll get SMS texts to keep you informed on the status of your garment.


Special Offer

If you can’t get enough of our special offers, join us and be a part of the KSM Elite Membership Club to have access to our best promos and discounts. Hurry though, we can only allow limited slots to be filled because of the privileges we offer.

Quickness or Quality? You Decide

People come to us because we offer quality alteration over quickness. We normally deliver your garment within one week instead of rushing to get paid for lousy work.

Because every year, several people who availed quick alteration services come to us to fix other stores’ mistakes (maybe we can add that to our services).

We wisely use the time to keep re-inspecting your clothes, dress, or curtains for finding any missed or better alterations.

Note: It is our policy that all garments should be dry cleaned prior to alteration, unless they have already been cleaned or are new.

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