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It’s okay to look for cheap dry cleaning prices. Just be sure they don’t come with cheap results.

For we may not have the cheapest dry cleaning prices out there, but our services are incredibly affordable for the superb value we provide.

Not to mention that it costs less if people don’t ruin your dry cleaning.

Note: We may charge extra for items needing special treatment due to their condition (like uncommon stains, molded fabrics, or really worn out heels).

  • Main Service - General Dry Cleaning & Laundry
    Gents' WearPrices Start from
    Anoraks – Feather Filled£16.75
    Body Warmer£9.20
    Body Warmer – Feather Filled£12.35
    Caps and Scarves£5.95
    Cassock – Full Length£12.45
    Dressing Gowns£12.60
    Leather or Suede Trim£4.85
    Overalls and Boiler Suits£5.70
    Overall Trousers and Jacket£4.70
    Pullovers and Sweaters£7.90
    Raincoats clean & Reproofed£18.60
    Shirts (silk)£7.95
    Track Suits£9.90
    Ladies' WearPrices Start from
    Blouses – Sleeveless£5.95
    Bodice – Boned£8.95
    Coats – Long£12.65
    Coats – Short£9.95
    Flying Suits£13.95
    Fur Fabric Coats£22.50
    Fur Fabric Coats – Short£18.25
    Fur Fabric Jackets£15.35
    Jumpers and Cardigans£7.90
    Raincoats clean & Reproofed£18.60
    Skirts – Pleated£12.95
    Skirts – Half Pleated£9.90
    Childrens' WearPrices Start from
    Coats – Small£6.70
    Coats – Large£8.60
    Jumpers and Cardigans£5.35
    Skirts – Pleated£9.65
    Skirts – Small Pleated£7.90
    Trousers – Long£6.50
    Press OnlyPrices Start from
    Skirts – Repleat£10.20
    KSM ConveniencePrices Start from
    Drop Off Only£5.00
    Pick Up Only£5.00
    Pick Up & Drop Off£7.50
    Express Dry Cleaning£ + 25%
  • Household Items
    Dry Cleaning for Household ItemsPrices Start from
    Bedspread – Quilted / Fur Fabric£20.95
    Carpet Cleaning£40.00
    Carpet Cleaning Machine Rental (24 hours – 1Litre Carpet disinfectant shampoo included)£24.95
    Carpet Cleaning Machine Rental (48 hours – 1Litre Carpet disinfectant shampoo included)£34.95
    Extra 1Litre Carpet disinfectant shampoo£5.00
    Small Curtains (up to 1.2 x 1.4m / 44 x 55in pair)£15.95
    Medium Curtains (up to 1.7 x 1.8m / 66 x 72in pair)£27.95
    Large Curtains (up to 2.5 x 2.5m / 99 x 99in pair)£53.95
    Small Curtains – Wadded / Thermal (up to 1.2 x 1.4m / 44 x 55in pair)£22.95
    Medium Curtains – Wadded / Thermal (up to 1.7 x 1.8m / 66 x 72in pair)£39.95
    Large Curtains – Wadded / Thermal (up to 2.5 x 2.5m / 99 x 99in pair)£81.25
    Cushion Covers (Suite Seat)£6.25
    Cushion Covers – Small£3.60
    Loose Chair Cover£12.25
    Loose Settee Cover – 2 Seater£15.50
    Loose Settee Cover – 3 Seater£18.50
    Pelmet / Frill (per metre)£2.50
    Pelmet Stiffened (per metre)£8.35
    Duvets – Double / King (Includes Storage bag)£20.95
    Duvets – Double Twin (Includes Storage bag)£27.75
    Duvets – Single (Includes Storage bag)£16.95
    Duvets – Single Twin (Includes Storage bag)£23.95
    Bedding Set – Single (Sheet x1, Duvet cover x1, Pillow cases x2)£10.00
    Bedding Set – Double (Sheet x1, Duvet cover x1, Pillow cases x4)£15.00
    Sleeping Bags£14.95
    Press Only for Household ItemsPrices Start from
    Curtains (per square metre)£3.10
  • Special Events Wear
    Wedding DressPrices Start from
    Wedding Dresses (Small / Slim)£125.00
    Wedding Dresses (Medium / Fishtail)£145.00
    Wedding Dresses (Large / Princess)£165.00
    Bridesmaid Dresses£23.00
    Formal Wear & Prom DressesPrices Start from
    Dresses – Pleated£15.25
    Dresses – Evening£23.00
    Skirts – Long Evening£9.90
    Suits – Trousers / Skirt and Jacket£14.95
    Suits – Pleated Skirt and Jacket£19.75
    Suits – Day Dress and Jacket£17.60
    Suits – Long Dress and Jacket£22.75
    Suits – Two Piece£14.95
    Suits – Three Piece£17.95
    Ties (Owners Risk)£4.55
    Children's Formal WearPrices Start from
    Blazers – Small£6.20
    Blazers – Large£7.70
    Boys Suits – Small£9.65
    Boys Suits – Large£12.20
    Christening Dresses£10.75
    Dresses – Small£6.00
    Dresses – Large£7.70
    Press Only for Special Events WearPrices Start from
    Dresses – Long£10.50
    Dresses – Repleat£12.10
  • Finesse Experts Needed
    Dry Cleaning for BusinesswearPrices Start from
    Suits – Trousers / Skirt and Jacket£14.95
    Suits – Pleated Skirt and Jacket£19.75
    Suits – Day Dress and Jacket£17.60
    Suits – Long Dress and Jacket£22.75
    Suits – Two Piece£14.95
    Suits – Three Piece£17.95
    Ties (Owners Risk)£4.55
    Dry Cleaning for Ski WearPrices Start from
  • Alterations & Repairs
    General AlterationsPrices Start from
    Shorten Jacket Sleeves£20.00
    Lengthen Jacket Sleeves£20.00
    Shorten / Lengthen Jackets£27.50
    Shorten / Lengthen Coats£27.50
    Jackets Full Pocket£13.00
    Shorten Pleated Skirts£20.00
    Shorten / Lengthen Skirts£14.95
    Skirt Zips – Concealed£15.50
    Skirt Zips£12.00
    Shorten / Lengthen Blouse£11.00
    Shorten Blouse Sleeves£11.00
    Anorak Zips£25.50
    Dress AlterationsPrices Start from
    Dress Zips£18.50
    Shorten / Lengthen Dresses£14.95
    Shorten Pleated Dresses£20.00
    Trouser AlterationsPrices Start from
    Trouser / Jean Zips£12.00
    Concealed Zips£15.50
    Remake Bottoms£11.00
    Shorten / Lengthen Jeans£11.00
    Shorten / Lengthen Trousers (Straight)£11.00
    Shorten / Lengthen Trousers (Turn Ups)£14.25
    Taper Trousers£14.25
    Half Pockets£7.00
    Full Pockets£14.00
    Sew Trouser Creases (Front and back)£16.00
    Sew Trouser Creases (Front only)£8.00
    Gusset in Waist£15.50
    Remove Turn Ups£12.75
    New Clips (Waistband)£4.95
    Let Out Waist£15.00
    Reduce Waist£15.00
    Curtain AlterationsPrices Start from
    Shorten Lined Curtains (per metre)£9.95
    Lengthen Lined Curtains (per metre)£9.95
    Shorten Unlined Curtains (per metre)£8.50
    Lengthen Unlined Curtains (per metre)£8.50
    Ladies - Shoe RepairPrices Start from
    Heeling – Stiletto£10.00
    Heeling – Small Rubber Heels£10.00
    Heeling – Medium Rubber Heels£11.00
    Heeling – Large Rubber Heels£12.00
    Heeling – Extra Large Rubber Heels£13.00
    Soles – Toe Pieces£9.00
    Soles – Stick on Sole£12.00
    Soles – Resin Sole£15.00
    Soles – Leather Sole£21.00
    Extras – Stretching£4.00
    Extras – Elastic on Buckle£4.00
    Gents - Shoe RepairPrices Start from
    Heeling – Rubber Heels£12.00
    Heeling – Commando Style£15.00
    Heeling – Heel ¼ Metal£15.00
    Heeling – Leather ¼ Rubber£16.00
    Soles – Toe Pieces£10.00
    Soles – Stick on Sole£15.00
    Soles – Resin Sole£20.00
    Soles – Leather Sole£26.00

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