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KSM values loyalty above all else—especially from our customers. And it should go without saying, you deserve special treatment from us.

By being a part of our KSM Elite Membership Club, you’ll have access to our best offers. This includes promos, discounts, and exclusive packages. Not to mention that we allow members to make suggestions on what offers or packages they want, which we sometimes use to design our next batch of special offers.

You should hurry though, because of the privileges, we can only allow limited slots to be filled.

It’s a membership club that’s personalized to its group of members. And along with our seasonal offers and promos, you’ll also get:

  • Clean once a month for a 10% discount on order
  • Clean fortnightly or weekly for a 15% discount

Avail today for only £20 to get a full year of exclusive privileges that’ll save you more money, give you better dry cleaning, and provide you the appreciation you rightfully deserve.

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