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The Most Convenient Way for Establishments to Defy the Tyranny of Stinky, Stained, and Stressful Laundry

There is one undeniable truth most establishments often overlook: fresh and clean laundry give their circle of influence indisputable convenience.

In South Yorkshire, wise establishment owners from hotels to restaurants and from schools to offices hire KSM dry cleaners to do their whole organization’s laundry and dry cleaning. We offer exclusive dry cleaning services for:

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Athletics and Sports Teams

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Dress and Menswear Rental

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Event and Wedding Planners

Because if there’s something laundry brings to an establishment, it’s inconvenience.

It takes a relentless amount of traded convenience for your customers, staffs, or circle of influence to fully trust your establishment and be loyal to you. But it only takes a moment of inconvenience for them to switch to your competitors.

The Inconvenience of Laundry to Your Business

Here’s a reminder of how daily laundry from your establishment can cause everyone in your circle inconvenience:

  • Doing your business’ own laundry is inconvenient – It takes a lot of your energy and time which could be spent better with your business, friends, or family.
  • Letting your staff do your establishment’s laundry is inconvenient – take a moment to take a random survey from your staff and ask them if they feel that doing the laundry should be part of their job, most of them will say “no”, and most of them dislike it.
  • Letting your staff do their own laundry is inconvenient – several studies indicate that employees are more inclined toward perks showing them appreciation and giving them convenience instead of pay raise, and with everyday laundry making their lives harder, having their work wear dry cleaned is a perk they’ll be appreciative for.
  • Showing your customer unkempt fabrics are inconvenient – And icky! How would you feel if stains and stink marinate your table cover, office carpet or bedroom linen? That’s one sure way to lose your customers.
  • Letting your clients or team handle their laundry is inconvenient – we often receive disgruntled customers from formal wear rentals, students from nearby schools, and athletes from local teams endlessly complaining on why their establishment doesn’t provide laundry and dry cleaning for them.
  • Letting incompetent dry cleaners handle your laundry is inconvenient – If you have a contract with a good dry cleaner and are satisfied, then good for you. But if you’re still having some or all of the problems mentioned above, you already know it’s time to let your dry cleaner go and get a new one.

The Convenience of KSM Dry Cleaners

Now compare that with having all of your laundry and dry cleaning taken care of by KSM Dry Cleaners:

  • You and everyone involving your establishment gets convenient dry cleaning services that’s well-preferred within South Yorkshire
  • You have the convenience of having your materials delivered, or, depending on the size of your orders, have an agent located near your area just for your establishment
  • You’ll get exclusive dry cleaning, which means a scheduled and focused cleaning of your materials and your preferred cleaning methods
  • You’ll be surrounded by clean materials that’ll make you smile because of their neat look, cozy feel, and vividly fresh smell
  • People will feel more appreciated by your establishment, and they’ll appreciate your establishment ever more
  • You’ll prevent bad public image
  • You’ll always have organized, updated and on-time delivery
  • You’ll get value beyond what you pay us—you’ll save more time, more money, more energy, and more credibility
  • Unlike other dry cleaning contracts, you’ll get an open contract that doesn’t restrain you from letting us go if you deem necessary
  • And as part of our advocacy to help South Yorkshire fight infection, we use dry cleaning methods and solvents to sterilize and kill infection off your materials

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