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We make your home and company fireproofed and disaster free!

You probably know that a good dry cleaning and laundry service can repair damage after a fire or other disasters.  The best services can even make direct contact with insurance companies, meaning you don’t have to deal with the stress of dry cleaner costs.

However, better still, the dry cleaner could be your superhero – it could rescue you from the jaws of disaster and deliver you to safety – cape swishing and hands on hip.  Too much? Maybe.  Let’s give you an outline of the ways we could help care homes, hotels and companies battle the threat of fire (can we at least wear our pants outside our trousers?)

Why do you need to fireproof?Fire Retardant Curtains Cleaning for Business

It is likely that the coding for your building, whether it is a care home or a hotel, will require that fabrics are fire retardant.   Fire regulations demand that fabrics like curtains and drapes, for instance, are flameproofed in public buildings.  The fire department and health and safety executive will run inspections to check that these regulations are enforced.

Most products you buy new will be up to code – but some won’t.  At this point, you will need to seek the services of a company who can fireproof and keep you disaster free – and open to the public – of course.  The consequences of not meeting fire-proofing codes can often mean being shut down until you do.  A decent dry cleaning and laundry service can give you peace of mind.

How do I know if its fireproof or not?

We use our x-ray vision to check.  Joke.  We can carry out an inspection and check whether fabrics are fireproofed or not.  This needs to be done by a professional service, as does the actual fire-proofing.  You will want the certification we provide to prove that you meet the necessary standards.

How does it work?

A fire-retardant chemical is applied to the materials.  These chemicals are non-toxic and allergen-free – seriously – we are white-hatted cowboys – that is how hard we work to keep you free from discomfort.  More seriously, we only use chemicals that fulfill requirements for fireproofing; therefore you can be confident that you will meet regulations.

Not only do we make sure we apply the chemical thoroughly but that we also ensure there is adequate ventilation to cope with the drying process post-treatment.

To check that the fireproofing has worked we will carry out a flame test.  This should prove that the item is now safe and can be installed.

In short

OK, so KSM Dry Cleaning may not be Superman or the sheriff in the wild west, but we do all the hard work to keep you safe from the disaster of being shut down for not meeting regulations – or worse – from the flames of a fire.  Give us a call 01302832807 or visit us in shop at 24 Mill Street, Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3DL, to find our how we can help – we have yet to develop our super hearing to know when to run to your rescue – though we are working on it!




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