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Trusting your wedding dress with a dry-cleaner

KSM Dry Cleaners is aware of the cost of a new wedding dress. We are also aware of the pricelessness of that wedding dress once it has been used on your most precious of days. Therefore, we think it important to tell you about the services that dry-cleaners offer.

Reasons Why You Should Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Dry CleaningThe obvious alternative to paying for professional dry-cleaning services is to clean the dress yourself. It is possible to risk your dress in a standard machine and then hang it and hope it returns to its previous glory. Dry-cleaning costs and so using dry cleaning and laundry services may be too much of a commitment after such an expensive period.

However, KSM Dry Cleaners firmly believes that the delicate fabrics of the wedding dress and the investment you have made in this item needs professional care. Dipping the fabrics in water and spinning the dress at a rapid pace will potentially cause irreversible damage. Whilst the individual stain treatment and then the treatment uses solvents, offers peace of mind – making dry-cleaning a common-sense option.

Cleaning the dress

It is important that you do not leave your wedding dress to gather dust after the big day. First, no dress makes it through the day without accident. Therefore, your first job is to make sure stains are removed as soon as possible. It might not be that the stain is not that visible, and you might get away with it, but the difference in colour will appear over time. It may come to a point when it is too late.

Once these stains are dealt with in the pre-dry-cleaning process, the chemical cleaning will then remove any smells of food or smoke that may have permeated the fabric through the course of the day.

Preserving and packaging the dress

It is also important to clean the dress to preserve the colour and to preserve the fabric. It may be that you need to dry-clean the dress more than once over the years, to make sure it is kept at its premium condition – maybe for a time when your daughter gets married.

An ivory and cream dress can be prone to turning yellow over time, especially if it is exposed to sunlight. So not only can be use specialist treatment methods to prepare your dress, but we can package the dress in such a way that it is kept out of bright light.

Your future memories preserved

At KSM Dry Cleaners Ltd, we want nothing more than you to enjoy your memories preserved. By protecting the dress, you can be sure that in the future you can open up the packaging and lay it out – and be transported back to that time when you said “I do.”

Looking for wedding dress dry cleaners near me?

KSM Dry Cleaners operate in Doncaster across South Yorkshire with their agents. If you want to dry clean your wedding dress before or after the big day, you can order online at KSM Dry Cleaners. Alternatively, pop in to our office at 24 Mill Street, Doncaster, DN3 3DL for a chat about your requirement.


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