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You Could Be Sleeping With More Than You Know

There is something going bump in the night, and it could be your skin. Creatures are sharing your sheets. Professional bed linen cleaning anyone? Why not stop by our KSM dry Cleaners Doncaster.

A Thousand and One Reasons To Clean Your Duvets Often

We sleep for about a third of our lives. We go to bed, and we settle down to sleep, breathing deeply and cushioned comfortable amongst approximately a million different living organisms who happily creep and crawl around us. If you want a good night sleep, it is an excellent idea to professionally launder your linen if you don’t want to snuggle up to the following little beasts.

  • Say Hi To House Dust Mites and Bed Bugs
  • There is the house dust mite that feeds of the human skin cells we shed each day, and we shed about 30 million a day. These cause allergies and asthma and love living in your sheets and duvet. They are eight-legged beasts that might be too small to see, but they prosper in your bed.
    Then there is the bedbug. Pest management companies report that the number of calls for the removal of bedbugs has skyrocketed. They eat at night, and it is why you might wake with itchy lumps and bumps. The meals consist entirely of blood, and they can live up to a year if they do not have a food source – so that sheet and pillow case set that has been stored for a while can’t possibly be infested… think again.

  • Cuddle Up to Lice and Scabies
  • Lice and scabies also enjoy living in your bedding. This is why you should be careful about allowing your dogs to sleep on the bed, as they are the most common carrier. These creatures can migrate from the bedding and live on your skin for a good while, causing much skin irritation. Yes, we are scratching our heads and backs to at this point… and reaching for the dry-cleaning chemicals right now.

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  • Say Welcome to Fungus and The Mould
  • Then there is the fungus and the mould that grows and multiplies. How can this be? Well, you sweat as you sleep, you make your sheets and duvet damp and in this dampness mould and fungi flourish. It is not necessarily the plant life that you sleep with – though it can make your bedding smell – it is the spores that are released that can cause illness and breathing problems.

  • Dont Forget Million Other Organisms
  • There you were feeling a little lonely in your bed at night – and in reality, a million other organisms choose to share your space. You never have anything to worry about again – you know you are never alone!

    In all seriousness, the hygiene of your bed is essential. Restful sleep is vital to physical and mental health. Dry-cleaning costs but dry-cleaning offers peace of mind. You cannot scrimp on your health or the health of your children. You can start right now by vacuuming your mattress, but then make a move to phone a professional for some intensive cleaning of your bedding – the duvet and the linen. Call KSM Dry Cleaners, we are waiting to help. You can also use our online service to order for free collection and delivery.

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