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The Dry Cleaners: Doncaster – why we love our town!

Proud to be dry cleaners, Doncaster is our base, and we want to shout about why we love this place. Here we list the seven reasons to find Doncaster heaven. Why you should stop by our dry Cleaners Doncaster.

Seven Reasons: Doncaster – Why We Love Our Town! KSM Dry Cleaners In Doncaster

We make no secret that we are a family business that has been based in Yorkshire for 44 years. Our dry-cleaning Doncaster head offices are the centre of our empire, and we love being a part of the community. We are not shy in singing the praises of our town and the people who use our services. Are you ready to join in our dry cleaner Doncaster cheerleading?

  1. We love the buildings

There are some beautiful houses in and around Doncaster – have you seen Brodsworth Hall? What about St George’s minster? Our local hotels and B and Bs who use our linen laundry services join us in the love of history that can be found around and about.

  1. Then there is horse racing

We are the host of the St Leger, the oldest classic horse race in the country! We love the atmosphere and the cheers and jeers of the bookies – and we particularly like the jumping up and down of formally dressed men and women who are holding alcoholic drinks. This excitement usually requires a fair bit of dry-cleaning afterwards!

  1. Shopping and Clubbing

This is a place where you will find all the major shops to find your glorious outfits and soon to be laundered beddings and curtains (see what we did there!). Then there is the night-life – and the clean-up needed afterwards. We really do love our dry-cleaning Doncaster!

  1. Green spaces for grass stains!

We love Sandall Park: the open green spaces, the ducks, the pond, the trees… and they many different possible ways of getting your clothes dirty. We love parks. Seriously, Yorkshire as a county is beautiful, and we could not be luckier with the environment in which we live. There is no reason to be stressed when you can go for a walk amongst nature – drop your cleaning off with KSM Dry Cleaning Ltd., as we have it covered.

  1. We are famous!

Open all hours and Still open all hours is filmed in Balby. Who doesn’t love a bit of David Jason? We have no dry-cleaning link – we just love a good comedy, and it is set in Doncaster- well close to Doncaster.

  1. Driving industry forward

We are particularly proud of our commercial dry cleaning, where we support the local industry. It has a lot of heritage, we are still a strong mining community, and the Flying Scotsman was built in our town. All the reasons to think we are great – our Doncaster community.

  1. We are Scottish!

With our love of fabric, we thought about getting our own tartan made when we heard we were still technically ruled by Scotland. There is genuinely an ancient law that has not been repealed that keeps Doncaster under Scottish rule. This is obviously a good reason to drop your underwear off for laundering at KSM Dry Cleaning Ltd., as you won’t need to wear it under your kilt – we are told!

  • Doncaster’s Best Dry Cleaners – KSM Dry Cleaners Ltd
  • When next you are in Doncaster and you require dry cleaning service, remember that there is Doncaster’s best dry cleaners and that is no other than KSM Dry cleaners Ltd. We have been operating for the past 44 years giving service second to none to Doncaster residence. We are located in a beautiful village called Armthorpe. 24-26 Mill Street, Doncaster, DN3 3DL or visit our website at https://www.ksmdrycleaners.co.uk to order online.

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