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A Builder’s Best Friend

We love our strong connection with the building industry. Here we explain why builders and dry-cleaners are friends and that it’s more than laundering overalls. Why you should stop by our dry Cleaners Doncaster for a chat.

A builder and a dry-cleaner – really?

It should be obvious that a builder and a dry-cleaner would be best friends. One makes a mess, and the other cleans it up. KSM Dry Cleaners loves our connection with the construction industry and other sectors that splatters their overalls in mud, chemicals, and everything else that stains, smells and dirties.

As a dry cleaner, Doncaster is the perfect place to make the most of this relationship. There are a whole host of contractors around Yorkshire who rely on our commercial cleaning services and take proper Northern pride in the presentation of the workforce. We are only too glad to support them in the high standards to which they aspire.

It is time to cast a thought for the professional dry-cleaning services from KSM Dry Cleaners Ltd. that gives you that brand-new feel to commercial overalls every day of the week.

  • Stains and smells on overalls
  • Overalls are expensive and designed to be long-lasting. However, we know only too well in our workshops that without proper care they can soon become unusable. The materials that builders work with can grip to fabrics, making them stiff and uncomfortable to work in. So, even though large construction companies want their workers to represent them well, this is not the primary reason for using our services. It is because without good cleaning the stains and the smells ruin the material.

    Here is a basic example. Imagine if a brickie’s overall is splattered in concrete over the course of a day. If the overall is then discarded and the worker looks to work it again the next day, they will find it stiff and heavy, and potentially a cause for discomfort as they work. The removal of industrial level stains such as this is most certainly the job of a dry-cleaner used to working with industrial overalls.

  • Removing specialist materials
  • The construction industry uses chemicals that need to be dealt with carefully. You only need to spend a few minutes in a builder’s yard to see the hazard warnings on materials used. Dealing with such chemicals, once they spill onto overalls, should be dealt with by a professional. This is yet another reason why the dry cleaners and the builder are close friends.

  • And it is not just builders
  • Of course, if you are a dry-cleaners, Doncaster offers a lot more industry and workshops that require specialist overall cleaning. We are proud of our commercial cleaning services – that works with hospitals, garages, and more. Wherever you find dirt, which is basically wherever you find an overall, you will see our professionals offering the best care for fabrics possible. This saves money in the long run and it also presents companies as professionals themselves.

    If you would like to use KSM Dry Cleaners Ltd services, then gives us a call 01302 832 807 and we will provide you with a free no obligation quotation for your overalls. You can also find out more information online.

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