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Why You Should Always Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress

From the day when you found The One right up until your wedding day, it is likely all you can think about. No, The One is not your future spouse, but your wedding dress. However, after the big day when it had done its job on making you look the most beautiful bride in the room, what happens to your dress? Make your memories last a lifetime and preserve the gown and dry clean your wedding dress.

Reasons Why You Should Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Dry CleaningYou have spent days, months or even years searching for the perfect dress for the big day, so it surely doesn’t deserve to be forgotten about after the event. Leaving a dress to fester in the back of a wardrobe, or in the attic, will cause it to deteriorate. However, with the right care and storage, you can make sure your wedding dress is perfectly preserved. Furthermore, you may even be able to use it again or pass it on for future generations.

The best way to preserve your wedding dress and keep it in pristine condition is by dry cleaning. So just why is a search for ‘wedding dress cleaning near me’ so important after the big day?

What Are The Benefits Of Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning?

  1. Best Chance Of Stain Removal

Some stains may not be easy to spot, such as sweat or champagne or light-coloured liquids. However, over time, these stains may set in, becoming more pronounced and yellowing or darkening the fabric of the dress. The longer these stains are left, the harder they become to remove. It would help if you aimed to dry clean your wedding dress as quickly as possible after the big day to keep it the best condition.

  1. Care Of Delicate Fabric

Your wedding dress is likely to be incredibly delicate. It is vital that standard washing practices not be used when cleaning your wedding dress. When searching for ‘dress cleaners near me’ or ‘wedding dress cleaning near me’ make sure the dry cleaners you find are knowledgeable about wedding dress cleaning and offer a very specific service.

KSM Dry Cleaners in Doncaster have a team of material experts who will know the perfect approach to take with your wedding dress. This provides you with the peace of mind that your wedding dress is in safe hands.

  1. Prevent Discolouration

With a white or ivory wedding dress, you’ll want it to stay as crisp and pure in colour as the first day you put it on. In storage, or when a dress is exposed to sunlight, whites will gradually discolour. However, with KSM Dry Cleaners, we apply a unique non-toxic solution to dresses which not only eradicates stains but keeps whites brighter for longer and continues to fight fade for many years to come.

  1. Wedding Dress Storage Box

Finally, when you leave a wedding dress to hang in the wardrobe, over time, the fibres will stretch, and the dress will begin to lose its shape. With a high-quality wedding dress dry cleaner, such as KSM Dry Cleaners, you’ll receive your wedding dress in pristine condition in a wedding dress storage box. The preservation box helps to protect your gown for longer while making sure it remains in perfect shape.

Looking for wedding dress dry cleaners near me?

KSM Dry Cleaners operate in Doncaster across South Yorkshire with their agents. If you want to dry clean your wedding dress before or after the big day, you can order online at KSM Dry Cleaners.


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